Culham Plasma Physics Summer School: Day 2


Today's lectures kicked off promptly with 'Plasma Kinetic Theory II', by Dr McMillan again. We looked at the Vlasov equation in more detail and from this obtained Langmuir waves and then Landau damping. I won't explain what these things are here - partly because I still need to read up on them to understand them fully, but also because I'm going to try to keep these posts considerably shorter than yesterday's.

Next we had a lecture on 'Classical Transport' by Dr Chippy Thyagaraja. This was brilliant.
Again, this lecture was quite maths-heavy, so I won't go into any detail.

Next we had a problem-solving session on Particle Dynamics.
This session was actually very well done; Dr Collin Roach - who gave the lecture - was around to help out, as well as several PhD students and post-docs to make sure we understood everything. They then gave us an answer sheet, and it turns out I didn't understand everything, but I think I do now!

Lastly we had a much more relaxed lecture on the 'History of Fusion' given by Mr Chris Warrick. This was a lovely note to end the day on, and I found out a lot of things that I never knew!
Unfortunately this evening hasn't involved any visits to pubs... Instead I went shopping for food only to discover that half of the food that I bought is going to go to waste because the kitchen doesn't have an oven! I also forgot to buy any cooking oil...
BUT I did discover that with enough of this stuff's possible to cook without it! So long as you like that 'smoky' or... 'burnt' flavour...

After dinner I spent the rest of the evening going over today's lecture notes and preparing for tomorrow's kinetic theory problem class.

And that's about it!

See you tomorrow.