Culham Plasma Physics Summer School: Day 4 and 5

Hello! It's now the weekend and I didn't get round to writing much over the last two days, so here is a quick recap!

On Thursday morning we started with a lecture on Magnetic Confinement Fusion (MCF) from Dr William Morris - Chief Scientist at CCFE. I've already mentioned that this stuff is right up my street, so I won't go on too much about it. Needless to say, it was a very good lecture.
The next lecture was on Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) given by Dr Kate Lancaster of the University of York. ICF is a completely different idea to MCF - the idea is that the deuterium-tritium fuel mix is contained within a tiny pellet. This pellet is then compressed and heated using a high-intensity laser(s), which initiates fusion. Dr Kate Lancaster is a fantastic lecturer and made the subject incredibly interesting.
She also took a selfie at the end, but only really managed to get the front two rows!
After lunch we had a Poster Session that took us up until the end of the day. Some of the PhD students attending the summer school chose to bring along posters to explain their research to everyone. This is a great opportunity for them to get a chance to experience giving poster presentations - what makes up most of your time at a conference as a PhD student, and also gives people like me a chance to see what sort of things people are doing!
I had a good chat with as many of the PhD students as I could, and then we all voted for the student which we felt gave the best explanation of their work. I voted for Lia who had an excellent poster about her work on the interaction of the solar wind with the magnetospheres of planets in the solar system. It turns out she won!
Once school was done for the day, I quickly rushed off and got that much-needed haircut that I mentioned yesterday. Then I gathered some friends and we went for a quick meal at Nandos. We walked off dinner through Christ Church Meadow before joining the rest of the summer school students for a boat trip!

The views along the river were beautiful. We even passed through two locks - which is a first for me! All in all, a great evening full of drinks and good company!

The next day started with a lecture on Waves in Plasmas by Dr Chris Ham, who works in the theory and modelling department at CCFE. The lecture was delivered very well, and I actually feel I understood everything that was said, despite the 'mathsy' nature of it.
Next up was a lecture on Diagnostics by Dr Phil Morgan. This gave us all an overview of the kinds of probes that are used in real experiments to read out certain parameters.
And the final lecture of the week was on Heating and Current Drive by Dr Martin O'Brien. This answered many of the questions I had about how tokamaks actually work - Dr Martin O'Brien did an excellent job - especially considering the state of most of the students at the end of the week!
I'd love to say that I went out on a crazy night out to celebrate the end of the first week, but I honestly just went back to my room and slept! I was exhausted!

Anyway, it's now Saturday morning and I'm eager to post this so I can go and be a tourist around Oxford for the weekend!