Culham Plasma Physics Summer School: Day 6 and 7

Hello! The second week has begun, and so far it's been great!

The first lecture to bring us back into things was by Dr Ken McClements on Plasma Instabilities. I found this to be the most interesting/important lecture so far. Dr McClements focused mostly on MHD instabilities and gave us a good historical background so we could appreciate how the communities knowledge of instabilities has evolved with time. Understanding instabilities obviously plays a critical role in the development of MCF devices, as they set a hard limit for confinement.
Our next lecture was on Solar Physics and Space Weather by Prof Stefaan Poedts. This actually proved to be very interesting. Prof Poedts explained the importance of space weather predictions - dramatic solar events can have severe consequences on electrical equipment down on the surface of the Earth. In fact, in these more serious events it is important that electrical providers are informed so they can limit/shut down power supply to the grid to limit damage.

Next we had our final problem class on Waves in Plasmas, but after that came something far more interesting...
Our tour of JET!

I'd actually done the tour before, on a PhD Open Day, but this time I got to ask far more interesting questions! We also got to go into the Control Room, one of the perks of being shown around by one of the top engineers!

That pretty much concludes Day 6.

Unfortunately, I missed out on the tour of RAL on Day 7 because I was attending my girlfriend's graduation ceremony. How selfish of her!

Doesn't she look great though? (middle)